Biblioteca: Personagens

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Como escrever um romance passo a passo: desenvolver personagens fictícios

Evite que suas personagens tenham a mesma voz

Os tipos de personagens mais comuns na literatura

Como criar vilões convincentes

Como criar um personagem

Como criar um memorável personagem principal na ficção infantil

Como dar nome ao seu personagem


Como construir personagens

O Grande Talvez dos Heróis

Como Criar Personagens Marcantes com Apenas uma Pergunta

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Creating Emotional Frustration In Your Characters

Exercises To Improve Your Character Writing & Roleplaying Skills

The Hero And The Anti Hero

Expressing character

Older characters

Drunk characters

What motivates your characters

Mary Sue dilemma and 42 other reasons why we write

Feminist male protagonista

Snarky characters

Mysterious characters

Character with no emotion

Writing male protagonists

Writing a believable male character

Rebel character

How to Poison your Fictional Characters

Mental Illness

Suicide – people’s reactions and motivations

Too much angst

Borderline Personality Disorder

How much backstory

Asperger’s and romance

What is character development

Psycopaths and sociopaths masterlist

Panic attacks

Anxiety and panic


Bipolar disorder

On Writing Characters in a Novel and Making Sure Readers Care About Them

25 Things About Creating Characters

Torture your Character - The Three Most Effective Types of Inner Conflict

3 Unforgivable Character Sins

The Inner Struggle: Guides for Using Inner Conflict That Make Sense

Why Your Characters Should Be “Gray”

The Essential Guide to Character Creation

40 Ways to Torture Your Characters

33 Ways to Write Stronger Characters (and why they should be your #1 concern)

How to Create Character Motivations That Will Rivet Your Readers

The Brain on Storytelling: Building Emotional Connections

Character Development

How to Craft a Killer Character Goal For Your Hero

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Protagonist Before Writing Your Novel

Take Your Characters Out to Lunch: 5 Development Exercises

Character Name Generator

Know Your Character Deeply in One Step: The Backdoor

39 Villain Motivations

How To Create Characters Using The MBTI Method

How to Create Epic Characters in 4 Easy Steps

8 Tips For Picking Meaningful Character Names

6 Key Things to Consider When Developing Characters

How to Keep Readers From Hating Your Characters
My Favorite Method for Building Characters' Personalities

Creating Characters that Make Readers Cry

The Case For Blurring the Lines Between Good and Evil

How to Successfully Kill a Character: The Checklist

A Guide to Creating Interesting Fictional Characters

Make Your Character Reactions Twice as Interesting

How to make your characters shockingly real

Writability: On Writing Characters Who are Nothing Like You

Writing Tips for Creating a Complex Villain

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